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How to use our Forum?
  1. Try to find the answer yourself; we are all busy people with normal lives and jobs.
  2. Use the 'Search' function in the forum
  3. Site@School is extremely well documetned. The manual has almost 300 illustrations and describes every operation in detail. Please use the manual before asking questions
  4. Read this artile by Eric Steven Raymond: How to Ask Questions the Smart Way on how to ask quesitons to technical people. WE, like you, are teachers, so we know when someone knows a text. :-). Do NOT ask Eric S. Raymond for help!
  5. In order to solve your problem, our technical people have to re-create your problem. When we cannot re-create it, we cannot solve it. This means you have to make a detailed description of your problem.


When you want to contribute to Site@School, have ideas for improvement, got a great idea for a new module, found a bug,
or you want to take part in it's further development, please go to the Forum.
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