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Latest news: FINALLY: WEBSITE@SCHOOL (27-02-2011)
News for Site@school

The successor of S@S is Website@School.
Read more on http://websiteatschool.eu

Key features:
- Website@School can be managed with a braille reader or screen reader. Blind
webmasters can manage  websites
- Unlimited number of sites. Every group, team, committee, teacher, booard of directors, parent or pupil can have their own site.
- Unlimited number of Intranets. See above.
- Unlimited depth  of sections, sub-sections, sub-sub sections, etcetera.
- Pages can have embargo and expriy dates and much more.
- Completely modular.
- Fine grained user and group accessmanagement (Role  Based Aaccess Control).
- Bazaar Style Style (BSS) to use style sheets on every level, user manageable like CSS.
- Excellent developer documentation.
- Excellent user documentation,
- Secue, stable, robust.
- And much, much more

Kind regards,
Website@School Development Team
Karin Abma
Peter Fokker
Dirk Schouten
Happy 2010 and Site@School V3   02-02-2010
This is the news you have been waiting for. This year, that is 2010 to be specific,
the new release of our CMS for schools will see the light of day.

Key features:
- Unlimited number of sites. This is spcially useful in the Dutch concept of "Broad schools''. Every group, team, committee, teacher, parent or pupil can have their own 'site'.
- Unlimited number of Intranets. See above.
- Unlimited depth  of sections, sub-sections, sub-sub sections, etcetera. Much like the hard disk in your computer.
- Pages can have embargo and expriy dates and much more.
- Completely modular.
- Fine grained user and group management.
- A brand new system to use style sheets.
- Excellent developer documentation.
- Security as top level priority.
- And much, much more...

Please do not ask us: "When in 2010?".
Kind regards,
The Site@School Development Team
Happy 2009 and Site@School V3   13-12-2008
We wish all existing and future Site@School users a merry Xmas and a prosperous 2009.
We expect 2009 to be a very good release year for  Site@School version 3!
Healthy and prosperous 2008!   18-01-2008
A happy and prosperous New Year to you all.
S@S V3 is progressing accoring to a slightly adjusted planning.
We expected to be ready end 2007. We will have about two
month delay. One thing we know for sure: S@S V3 is worth waiting for.
Please takle a peek at the new features.
Capgemini helps Site@School!   05-11-2007
Capgemini helps the Site@School project. More news to follow soon.
S@S V3 Features!   10-10-2007
Dear Site@School users,
The second draft of the Site@School requirements is ready. We are proud of some stunning features that were impossible in Site@School version 2.
You can study them at: http://siteatschool.org/?section=13&page=114.
For commensts, suggestions, requests, etcetera, please visit our S@S4US Forum.
Call for Feature Requests   19-06-2007
We are now in the midst of the data definition for the new release of Site@School. In this discussion we are trying to take a look in the future of Site@School and esteblish a roadmap.
This is the ideal time to consult all users witht the  question: "What features would you want for _your_ school in a complete, mature primary school CMS?"

You can visit our  S@S4US Forum; and submit your feature request(s).
Low hanging fruit !   08-05-2007
Dear Site@School users,

The design of the new version is in progress. Peter is now working on
the data definition; a crucial stage in the creation of the new Site@School.
Now that we can make a fresh start,some basic problems can be solved
and a few interesting features appear to be low hanging fruit, i.e. easy to create
in the new version. Here we go and fasten your seatbelts!

- Multiple Intranets. This has been a wish by many users. It was too
complicated in the old version where we had 1 Intranet. This means that not
only teachers can have their own intranet, but also the board, the xyz
committee, etcetera.

- Multiple sites might also be possible, i.e. each group  *(pupils,
teachers, parents, committees, etc.) can have their own website.

- It can be possible to move pages around whereever you want them. Pages
can be moved from one Intranet to the other, from the public site to one of
the Intranets, from one site to the other, or vice versa.

_ More levels. Basically the old S@S was a CMS with 'sections' and
'pages'. With the 'category' template you could get one more level, but
that's all and it was a solution that was born out of emergency.
In the new version we will try to make levels more fexible, without
losing KISS.

We are also discussing ways to make unused modules unaccessible, thus
minimising the number of points for attackers.

And, last but not least, one index.php as entry point for all that stuff.
This also reduces risks.

In our opinion, these features are worth waiting for.

Kind regards,
The Site@School Team
Two themes improved   06-05-2007
Dear Site@School users:
The schoolyard and easy-access themes by David Prousch are updated by Peter.

- Some adaptations in Davids design.
- Restructuring of the code for better readability.
- All user definable parameters are in one place. No need to go through all the code when you want to change a value.

The easy-access theme can be seen and downloaded at:

The schoolyard theme can be seen and downloaded at:

Thanks David and Peter. Nice theme and readable code!
First Security Audit   08-04-2007
Dear Site@School users,
On the 5th of April 2007 the team had a meeting with a security expert.
Gradually ideas about the organization and the architecture of the new code for a new version of
Site@School  begin to take shape. The team wanted a second opinion on the matter
and consulted a security expert to discuss ideas.

After a 2 hour exchange of opinions it became clear that our main developer  Peter
and the security expert both agreed on the basics of the new code.
This was a great assurance for the team.

We hope to have made clear to all Site@School users that we are taking care
of the security in the new version of Site@School.

With kind regards,
The Site@School Development Team
New website siteatschool.ORG   06-04-2007
Today we have moved the project website to our new location: http://siteatschool.org.
New Developers and Developments   04-03-2007
Welcome Peter and Barry!
These two developers will take up the task of rewriting the complete Site@School code, thus making our Site@School CMS more secure, stable and robust.
At this moment the basic thinking about te new architecture is done.
More news will soon follow.
When you want to know about the backgrounds of the decision to rewrite the code, more news can be found on http://wyxs.net/web/siteatschool.html. The Site@School Team, Karin, Dirk, Peter, Barry
Site@School 2.4.10 has been released   15-10-2006
We have just released version 2.4.10 of Site@School, see http://sourceforge.net/
It is very advisable to upgrade to this version.
New forum operational   10-09-2006
The new forum has been migrated from the old "PhpBB2" forum.
Attachments are not migrated so if you need a file post a new topic and we will post it again.

see : http://www.rosaboekdrukker.nl/forum/index.php

Kind regards the S@S development team.
Fixpac 2.4.03 RELEASED   23-08-2006
I just released the third fixpac 2.4.03 for S@S 2.4:
This zip contains updated files for bugs found in Site@School 2.4:

- Download the siteatschool_fix_2.4.03.zip fixpack, unzip it and
- carefully read the README_2.4.03.txt file, located in the starnet directory.
- Follow the instructions.

After installation you will find version 2.4.03 in the header.
This fixpac contains security fixes so advisable to install it!

see http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/siteatschool/siteatschool_fix_2.4.03.zip?download
Fixpac 2.4.02 RELEASED   07-07-2006
I just released the second fixpac 2.4.02 for S@S 2.4:
This zip contains updated files for bugs found in Site@School 2.4:
- Unpack the file on your webserver or upload the unzipped files.
- Run the starnet/install/install_2.4.02.php
- Delete the starnet/install/install_2.4.02.php script.

After installation you will find version 2.4.02 in the header.
This fixpac contains security fixes so advisable to install it!

see http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/siteatschool/siteatschool_fix_2.4.02.zip?download
Fixpac 2.4.01 RELEASED   16-06-2006
We just released the first fixpac 2.4.01for S@S 2.4:

This zip contains updated files for bugs found in Site@School 2.4:

- Unpack the file on your webserver or upload the unzipped files.
- Run the starnet/install/install_2.4.01.php
- Delete the starnet/install/install_2.4.01.php script.

After installation you will find version 2.4.01 in the header.

see: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=60966&package_id=141514
VERSION 2.4 RELEASED   15-05-2006
We are happy to annnounce the release over Site@School version 2.4. Biggest hits: - FCK editor (much improvements over HTMLarea) - Multiple file upload (long awaited) - Links module - Projects highly improved - Password encryption - TV module - New languages. and much, much more.... Please read the README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt carefully. Users of PHP 5.1.x: be warned. Kind regards, The Site@School Development Team
NEW FEATURES in v. 2.4   18-11-2005
We think every school will be happy with these new features in the upcoming 2.4 version - Import of pupil and teacher data. Schools that use CSV or FRL files (EDEX in Dutch) can batch generate accounts. - The multiple file upload will be available in the allbum and the file manager. We are very happy with these long awaited features. The Site@School Development team.
Due to an excessive workload in the forum, work on ServerAtSchool manuals (http://serveratschool.org), rethinking of some basic problems in S@S, we expect the release of version 2.4 in May 2006. In the menatime you can help us by reading the manual before asking questions, formulate your questions complete, i.e. read the website on how to ask questions by Mr. Eric Raymond. Kind regards, The S@S Development team.
Fixpac 2.3.03 released   27-09-2005
Today Fixpac 2.3.03 has been released and it fixes all reported bugs after the outcome of version 2.3.
Site@School 2.3 released   29-05-2005
We have just released version 2.3 of Site@School, see http://sourceforge.net/
Hi All, Thanks to Stefan Stefanov, Bulgarian language is added to the upcoming 2.3 release. The S@S team dirk
MANUAL 2.3 PROOFREADERS   26-04-2005
Pupils of 'The Christ School', Orlando, Florida, USA are now proofreading and correcting the upcoming 2.3 version of the S@S manual. Alex, Alice, Amy Morgan, Angela, Ann Kallyn, Chelsea, Julie, Matthew, Micah and Taylor do a great job on improving Site@Schools quality. Rich Magee , IT teacher on the school is coordinating this great endeavour. The S@S development team expresses its gratitude to all that contribute to this project. Not only is it a necessary job that has to be done, but it's also a form of education that is in the spirit of Site@School. The S@S team, Dirk
Hi All, Thanks to Alain (France) and Fred, Site@School makes a great educational leap forward. We decided to bypass the feature freeze for the following: In version 2.3 it's possible for pupils to collaborate on a project. As follows: Create a project, create pages for the project and give certain pupils those pages. All pupils in the project can edit all the pages. Many thanks to Alain and Fred! Kind regards, The S@S Development Team
Hi All, Last evening the development team had a most pleasant meeting. The following was decided: - For the 2.3 beta (until now under construction) we have a feature freeze. - The beta will be available for testers and translators asap - Release date of S@S V2.3 will be the 31st of May 2005 - We adapt to manual writing standards - We adapt to code writing standards News on these standards will follow soon. With kind regards, The Site@School development team
SEASONS GREETINGS AND ...   23-12-2004
Esteemed S@S community, We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope S@S will give you what you expect from Site@School: a reliable CMS for primary schools. The S@S Development Team expresses it's gratitude to all pupils, teachers, translators, testers, bugreporters, bugfixers, and many others with a small Christmas present. You will find it on our chimney-piece at: our sourceforge download site. Additional info is here. Kind regards, The Site@School Development Team
Manual Translation Project started   28-11-2004
Hi All, We have made a special site to enable easy translation of the S@S manuals: http://wyxs.net/manuals/ When you want to contribute, mail us and we will add your language. Online translation is possible, as well as collaboration; i.e. doing just a couple of pages. Read the guidelines and ask for an account. The Site#School Team
Site@School 2.2 Released!!   31-10-2004
Hi All, We are happy to announce that version 2.2 is now available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/siteatschool/ The 2.2 manual is also available there. This version contains the long awaited newsletter module. We are very proud on this piece of work; it's completeness and usability for schools. And last but not least, S@S has new icons. Barry did a great job in restyling S@S to better fit it's educational roots. He has done a great job! We hope you all enjoy this new release. The S@S Team
Hi All, Last details are done on the upcoming 2.2 release. The manual will also be released. Expected release date: 31 October 2004 Fred, Dirk, hurry up! The S@S Team
Hi All, Italian language is added to the upcoming 2.2. Thanks a lot Massimo! The S@S Team
Hi All, Good news for those who want a site in more languages. Fred is working on a multi-lingual template. Astonishing smart! Put your questions for testing in the Forum on http://www.rosaboekdrukker.nl/forum/index.php?topic=344 Kind regards, The S@S Team
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